Get the Look with FABLash Eyelash Extensions and 

Young Nails in NZ

Whether it is a special occasion, or you simply want to look your best at all times, we can help you achieve your desired look. Offering gel and acrylic nails as well as eyelash extensions and spray tan on the North Shore, Auckland, we help women step out in style.

Our product range includes Young Nails Acrylic , FABLash Eyelash Extensions and CND Shellac Polish Gel.  FABLash are suppliers of our eyelash extensions.

Gel or Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic is ideal for the nail biter, someone that is hard on her hands or has weak natural nails.  It is well known for its strength and durability, therefore no gloves need to be worn when getting into contact with water and/or detergents. Young Nails acrylic is available in over 100 colours and glitters, different natural and french options also available. The thickness of the end product usually do not exceed 1mm, but is an option if this is the client's choice.  All nail art is available in acrylic.

Gel is a very thin, flexible layer and is recommended for the client with strong nails or for toes.  Gel clients are advised, when gel is used on finger nails, to wear gloves when getting in contact with water and/or detergents.  Available in a wide variety of colours.  All art available in gel.   

Neither acrylic nor gel is damaging to your natural nails when they are done by one of our qualified technicians in Auckland who know how to prepare with caution and when to stop filing.

Electric filing

We make use of an electric file to ensure quick, efficient but minimum filing.  We make use of the latest technology filing which is proven to be more effective and less damaging.

Soak with Acetone


We use acetone as our method of removing Young Nails products and electric filing for the removal of gel products in our NZ Salon.

Is acetone safe for removal?

Yes. Acetone is completely safe when used correctly to remove nails. While it is true excessive use can dry out skin, this can be reduced with a good moisturiser. Very effective in dissolving for a quick removal, this is an ideal solvent for nail applications.

FABLash Eyelash Extensions

We use eyelash extensions from FABLash Eyelash Extensions. We only apply individual lashes and do not do clustering. The process for a full set of eyelash extensions is two hours, although we do have an Express Set of Eyelash Extensions that takes one hour fifteen minutes. Please advise us at the time of your booking if you have sensitive eyes.

We Offer a Mobile Service in the North Shore Area

We provide both Young Nails and FABLash eyelash extensions throughout the North Shore area of Auckland, NZ. For a small fee we can visit our clients at their homes, or clients are welcome to visit our salon. For more information please call 022 357 7505.